The Art of Business Workshop

The Art of Business Workshop

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JOIN CARRIE and LANE in “The Art of Business“ Workshop!
They are both passionate in their own journeys in sharing their personal tricks of their trade with YOU!
🎨There are two chances to attend Monday, Dec. 5th 12-1 pm or 6-7 pm in Birmingham at Carrie’s storefront or LIVE virtually. If you cannot attend in person or online, you will have access to the full recording!

Each guest will be able to submit questions in advance to be considered. We will include the diversity and speciality of each artist backgrounds!

🎨Topics we will discuss include:
How did you originally market your work to start a following?

Is there specific software/programming to keep track of works available, what you sell, how to keep available work organized for sale?

Do you have a method to choosing which pieces you show where?

How did you embark on showing your work outside the state? how do you choose which galleries to reach out to?

Favorite websites to showcase your work other than your own? which ones seem to have the most traction with sales?

How do you go about pricing your work?

How much of your sales comes from your original work versus commissions?

Are commissions usually through word of mouth?

How did you grow your following?

How do you pick what shows to apply to?
…….. and whatever else you want to know!