Carrie started painting in 2014 to bring beauty and a real element to her own life and space. Carrie “loves the fact that art has no rights or wrongs, do’s or dont’s.” Carrie believes, “there is no end, no limits to what I can do and create. I am only limited by my own mind and imagination. There’s so much power and confidence in that! I work with oil, acrylic, water color and paper mache. The biggest compliment I’ve ever been given is that people can feel I put my heart into my pieces.”

In 2016, Carrie decided to branch out from paintings to hand painted fabric in order to share her work in multiple formats. This has turned into her brand ‘Carrie Pittman Collection’ of handbags, pillows, window panels, wallpaper and accessories. Each piece Carrie paints is a one of a kind creation that represents the uniqueness of each client.

Carrie works with fine retailers, design professionals, businesses and individuals who would like original art. “I am passionate about bringing beauty and personality to enhance the environment the art occupies.”